Breed: Leonberger

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I would like to share our experience at Troy Animal Hospital, and our visit with Dr. Lonnie Davis, DVM, in 2011. It is a story of ours, which perhaps others may have had experienced like ourselves.  We are Bevard Leonbergers, breeders of this incredible, loving, large breed dog, in Ohio.

In 2010, one of our Leonbergers, a potential breeding bitch, had passed all her required breed and OFA tests, except her OFA Hips/Elbows, we had good results with one of our male Leonbergers, so we went back to the same vet clinic to have her done, along with another male Leonberger of ours, both done at the same time. Both dogs had their X-rays taken, when the vet brought in the X-rays for us to look at neither looked right to us, we asked what the Vet opinion was and said,” they were alright, and it would depend on the OFA viewing”. We left, feeling a bit unnerved, and waited that long 2-3 weeks in limbo. We thought just by our dogs and their past long line of good to excellent passing X-rays, we would be okay. Couple of weeks later, we received the results, 0MG, both had passing Elbows, but not passing Hips, we were, as one can imagine, devastated.  For weeks could, or would not believe it. In the meantime we got busy with a litter of Leos, what a delight they all were, but, in my head and heart I knew this could not be true, those results of the OFA X-rays, on both dogs?

I remembered my daughter taking her Akita to a vet, who did OFA Hips/Elbow X-rays, without any sedation, I felt reassured. I went to Troy Animal Hospital website, was it educational to say the least, Dr. L. Davis’ comments about PROPER positioning, made me make a phone call to them, I asked about a consult with Dr. Davis, that was done, and the next phone call was for an appointment, not only for that female Leo again, but also, another female, Leonberger.

Now, let me tell you the Good part... Upon arriving at Troy Animal Hospital, we were greeted with a smile, warm words, and a professional, yet comforting atmosphere. It was not long when Dr. Davis, himself, came out and personally introduced himself. He took the two of us, and our two Leo girls into a room, where he had our girls, the one with the not passing hip X-rays on line to show us, what was wrong. There, right before our eyes, my thoughts were confirmed, here was the answer, she was tilting, and slowly (from being sedated) falling to her right side. It was so obvious, and all this time I  was too upset to see it myself. Onto the very exciting and interesting way to do X-rays, having like most of you, they were done with the dog under sedation, put on a table, and hope the snap of the x- ray is in time. This entire experience of the dog on her back, in a cradle, with a computer screen to see if the dog is properly positioned, is like none other, all the while Dr. Davis is explaining to us what he is doing, we were a part of it all, and yes, he himself, personally did the X-rays, how is that for a sometime exception?

We left Troy Animal Hospital, with a feeling of knowledge, and knowing this time, all things were done properly! We will be back to see Dr. L. Davis, as soon as our other Leo girl is old enough. And, have we referred him? Oh my, without any doubt, I soon called some of my friends who are breeder and puppy families, and spoke of our experience with Dr. Davis, they too have enjoyed, and learned from their visit, along with great results, as we have had with our breeding females. A puppy owner of ours from New York, took the well worth it trip to have OFA Tests done, and is so thankful she did!! We cannot thank, Dr. Lonnie Davis, enough for sharing his knowledge, and the fact of knowing when we are done with our visit, we have done our very best for our Leos!

Beverly & Arden Wright of Bevard Leonbergers