Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Q. My dog received a failing OFA grade. This bloodline ALWAYS receives Good or Excellent grades. What's Going on??

A. Read Dr. Davis's case studies. In one study of dogs failing due to subluxation or shallow acetabulums on one or both hips, 81% passed in one study and 92% passed in another study
using Dr. Davis's Precise Positioning Technique™.

Q. My dog's hip X-ray looked great, but flunked. Why??

A. Correct positioning is critical to an accurate anatomic evaluation of your dog's hips. Review the videos and consider sending the X-ray to Dr. Davis for his evaluation.


Q. I just don't understand WHY I received that OFA grade! What Happened???

A. Go to the video page and review the video, "Live X-ray Analysis - Excerpt from the DVD". The DVD goes into depth about the importance of using the "Precise Positioning Technique™"

B. A helpful YouTube Summation video is also available at the following link: YouTube Video Link


Q. Can I obtain Dr. Davis's opinion BEFORE submitting my Veterinarian's X-rays to OFA?

In order to have your OFA evaluation done either pre or post OFA submission, email your digital X-ray to

Or if you have a hard copy either on disc or a film itself, mail to:

Troy Animal Hospital & Bird Clinic
34 S Weston Rd
Troy OH 45373

Call our office at 937.335.8387 to speak with Kay or Billie in regards to the fees.


Q. How can I schedule my dog for hip X-rays with Dr. Davis?

A. Call 937.335-8387. Ask for Kay or Billie


Q. Does Dr. Davis speak at club meetings?

A. Yes! Dr. Davis would enjoy speaking at your club, group or organization's show or meeting. Call Kay at 937.335.8387 to schedule.


Q. Can Dr. Davis work with my veterinarian to take advantage of Dr. Davis's "Precise Positioning Technique"™?

A. Yes! Dr. Davis conducts OFA Hip X-ray clinics at remote sites. He will be happy to work with your Veterinarian to conduct a clinic. Just call 937-335-8387 and speak to Kay to make arrangements.


Q. How many hip X-ray evaluations does Dr. Davis perform and what is the scope of their geographical locations?

A. Dr. Davis performs 300-400 hip X-rays a year. His clients come from all over the United States and Internationally (Canada and South America).